4 Ways To Market Your Home

Even with all the technology in the world, a buyer won’t buy a home until they have taken a tour and physically seen a property. But there are many important steps that must take place in order to get the buyer through the doors.

Here are the top ways you can market your home and actually get interested buyers!

1. Content Creation

In order to market your home you need content! Investing in professional photography is something that I do for all my clients and is the first step that should be taken once you’ve decided to sell your home. Thoughtful and high-quality photography helps show buyers that you are serious and will make them more likely to want to see the home in person! Professional photography has become a standard and is not enough on its own to entice potential buyers, people want to see more before investing the time to visit a home.

Custom videos have become extremely popular and are a great way of showing off features of the home that cannot be captured in still images. Videos have been found to also get the most engagement online and are a fantastic way to make your listing stand out!

In addition to videos and images, we have been creating 3D virtual tours for many of our listings. Virtual tours give buyers the opportunity to explore the home on their own without ever leaving theirs. During these COVID times, this has proven to be extremely important. Offering a virtual tour is not only a great way to differentiate your property but is also a great way for potential buyers that have already physically toured the home to remind themselves of what your home looked like. Often times this can be the difference when buyers are choosing between multiple listings.


2. Social Media Marketing

Social media channels offer a unique opportunity to share your home through many different forms of media. Video, pictures, 3D tours, and more can all be shared to an interested audience on social media. Social media is only as good as the content you publish.


As an agent, I work with photographers and videographers to take high quality amazing photos of all my listings. My team and I work to make sure that our listings are marketed to the thousands of followers we have online.


3. Advertising

While advertising is typically the most expensive way to market a home, I also find this to be one of the most beneficial ways to increase awareness of specific properties. Over the years my team and I have advertised in select publications in our market to share current listings. This form of advertising typically has large distribution to a very targeted audience.


4. Custom Web Page

In a world filled with endless real estate websites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com, and many more, it can be difficult to break through the noise and get the online visibility your home deserves. While having listings featured on real estate specific websites is helpful, they do not tell the full story of your home. 

Creating a specific website or page for your home can greatly increase the awareness of your listing, it also allows you to directly send people to your property without all the clutter other websites have.

I’ve invested in my own professional website so that I can create individual pages for all my listings and tell the full story of the home. On these pages I include images, videos, 3D tours, an in-depth description of the home as well as the town so that visitors to my website get the most value from their visit.



There is a lot you need to get done before anyone even finds your home and makes the decision to take a tour. While the average seller can do some things to market their house there are a number of benefits of using an experienced agent and real estate company to sell your house.

My team and I have spent years building an online presence and creating relationships with content creators and advertisers to have a seamless process to market all our listings. If you have any questions on how to drive more interest for your home sale or would like to learn more about how we work with clients please email me at [email protected] or call me directly at (617) 851-4909.