Revolutionizing the kitchen

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along and is a game changer. I always love finding new accessories, appliances, finishings and anything else for the home. Especially when it is something you NEVER thought you needed but now can’t understand how you’ve lived without it. This is exactly how I feel about these walk-in refrigeration systems from RootCellar Concepts

Over the years refrigerators have gotten bigger and bigger, taking up so much wall space. I see it in many homes that I tour, a refrigerator, a freezer, and often more than one small beverage or wine fridge. With all this space you would think who could possibly need more?! But time and time again so many of us find ourselves looking for additional space when hosting family gatherings and holiday meals. Where am I going to fit an 18 pound turkey? How will I keep all these drinks cold? 

Well, I recently discovered one company that is here to fix these problems and totally change the way we look at refrigeration. RootCellar Concepts specializes in the design and installation of walk-in refrigeration systems. We have all become accustomed to walk-in closets and pantries and now it is time for the walk-in refrigerator. 

This system is so sleek and customizable most people won’t even know you have one until you open it up. With an automatic sliding door, there is no additional hardware required and this ‘root cellar’ can seamlessly blend into any kitchen design. 

For anyone building a new home or renovating their kitchen, I highly suggest considering this as an option. This could be something we start to see integrated into a lot of new homes and I am already wondering where I can put one in my own home!

Photography by Warren Patterson