Don’t let cold weather force you into home hibernation!

Fall is officially here, leaves are changing colors, apple orchards are filled with families, and cold weather is slowly creeping its way into New England.

But don’t let cold weather bring you inside this fall, there is still plenty of time to enjoy outdoor living at home! 

Adding a backyard fireplace is one of the most popular enhancements a homeowner can make to their yard. Perfect for entertaining guests and family, a backyard fireplace provides an additional space for you to relax and enjoy your yard. They are also a great way to create a socially distant activity that family and friends can all enjoy safely. Each time I sit outside by the fireplace, I feel as if I have been transported from my suburban home into nature.

While many people love the smell and sounds of a wood burning fire, there are many other options homeowners have when it comes to creating a warm outdoor space. A quick Google search will provide endless options of gas burning fire pits that can easily be installed and maintained. This is a great option for those that want a quick solution to staying warm!

For those that prefer a true wood burning fire, there are a few things you should consider. First, safety. Are you in a town or neighborhood that permits a wood burning fire? You Can check with your local fire department or town for information on this. Second, where should the fireplace be located? This will of course depend on your current backyard layout, but choosing an area in close proximity to any outdoor dining table or chairs but far enough away from the home is the best option. This also allows you to utilize space that was previously not being used. The third thing to consider is the design of your fireplace, should it be built into a wall or existing structure? Should it be a standalone fireplace and what materials should be used?

The third consideration is in my mind the most fun part of having a fireplace. For those looking to add a jaw dropping statement piece to their backyard it is best that you consult with a Landscape Architect. Landscape Architects will work with you to design the perfect fireplace for your backyard based on your property, budget, and needs. For inspiration, I have compiled a few images of my favorite backyard fireplaces.

I know once you’ve built your first fire you’ll find that you can enjoy your new fireplace year round!

Photo Credit: Katherine Field & Associates, Landscape Architect

Pellettieri Associates, Photography by Jeff Sinon

Landscape Architect: Sudbury Design Group

Landscape Contractor: O’Hara & Company

Photogrpahy: Gordon Beall 

Landscape Architect: Sudbury Design Group

Photogrpahy: Richard Mandelkorn