Weston Public Parks

Weston Public Parks

Walking Trails and Parks in Weston

As a Weston resident I am often asked by my clients what I enjoy the most about living in Weston. While there are many things I like to do, one of my favorite activities in Weston is walking the beautiful public parks and trails that are maintained by the town.

Weston has done a wonderful job creating public parks for residents and visitors to enjoy, below are a few of my favorite parks to visit with my family and dog. For a full list of trails visit www.weston.org/489/Online-Trail-Maps.

Weston Reservoir Loop

The Weston Reservoir Loop is one of the more popular walking trails in Weston. A favorite among dog walkers, this trail is easily accessible with lots of parking at a well-maintained lot. You can walk the loop around the reservoir, or you can explore other trails along the aqueduct. If your dog enjoys to swim, this may not be the best option, the reservoir is protected by fencing and offers no swimming or fishing because it supplies water to over 100,000 people in the area.

Cat Rock Park

What used to be an old ski area, Cat Rock is now a public park maintained by the town of Weston. Cat Rock Park is a great park for the residents of Weston and also a destination for many visitors outside of town. With easy access from Boston, many city-dwellers visit the park to get a small taste of suburban life. Perfect for families and dog owners, the park has open fields, ponds, streams, and fun woodland walking trails. Spanning more than 80 acres, Cat Rock Park is great for hiking. Take your dog off leash for them to enjoy a swim or playtime in the large fields. Parking is available at the park but is limited to ‘residents only’ on the weekends.

Weston Station Pond 

This 1.4 mile walking trail is perfect for an early morning hike. A beautifully maintained trail sees light foot traffic and often only from humans, many dog owners opt for one of the more dog friendly parks listed above. The well-marked trail starts and ends off of Church St. in Weston and is centrally located. For residents looking for a peaceful hike before work this is the perfect trail for you.

Town Green Loop  

If you and the family are looking for an easy walk near historic Weston center, the half mile long Town Green Loop is a fantastic option. Located directly off of Boston Post Rd. this loop encompasses a public field in downtown Weston. While it isn’t a woodland trail, this walk is perfect for those with small children and for residents living with close proximity to town center.

The town of Weston works hard to maintain every park and trail, let’s make sure we do our part in keeping the parks safe and clean. Please remember to always pack out what you bring in!

Home Trends

Home Trends


Mid-Century Modern Colors

Home trends come and go, sometimes we look back and remember what our homes looked like and are happy that these trends are gone! But there are also trends we are happy to see come back into style, like today’s revitalization of the Mid-Century Modern design.

As I continue to work with more millennial homebuyers I notice a trend of creating simpler living spaces with less decorations, clean lines, and peaceful colors. 

I’ve pulled together a handful of images that I believe are a beautiful representation of how you can introduce the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic into your home using specific colorways in the furniture, art, and paint colors. I hope these can serve as inspiration for new homebuyers to decorate their house.

Mid Century Modern Colors

Clean lines and peaceful colors are abundant in this entryway, the Regale Blue painted door stands out against the white walls and dark stained floor.

A large piece of art can make all the difference, this Real Red print provides a gentle and organic shape to the room providing a touch of modern.

There are endless options when it comes to furnishing a room, choosing furniture that has a Mid-Century Modern design can help the room feel open and less cluttered. Here a Gold Crest couch fits into an otherwise white room.

Clean lines and peaceful colors are abundant in this entryway, the Regale Blue painted door stands out against the white walls and dark stained floor.

A color not seen in a lot of homes, Kale Green is a deep and beautiful color that works perfectly when there are plants in a room.

Looking to update a bathroom and give it that clean Mid-Century Modern feel? A CloudBurst colored accent wall or tile can help your bathroom stand out and feel organic and simple.

Throughout my years in real estate I have had the opportunity to tour thousands of homes and work with hundreds of buyers and sellers. While each person has their own taste and aesthetic I am always at peace when I walk into a Mid-Century Modern home and I continue to find that these homes attract eager buyers. With more and more millennial homebuyers in the market for their first home, I will not be surprised to see this Mid-Century Modern revitalization continue for years to come.

Covid Market

Covid Market

What Home buyers and Sellers need to
know in the ‘Coronavirus Market’

The first half of 2020 has no doubt been an interesting time for home buyers and sellers in the MetroWest area. With the spread of Covid-19, businesses closing, and stay-at-home orders in place, the way we live has drastically changed, but has the real estate market followed suit?

While we wait for the most recent market data to come out, I thought I would share what my clients and I have seen over the past few months and provide some anecdotal evidence to tell you why now is still a great time to buy or sell your home in Massachusetts.

At the onset of 2020 we continued to see an upward trend in key housing indicators from 2019. These numbers, while they haven’t declined, have slowed down through May. I believe this slow growth was due to the uncertainty of what the future holds and the “wait and see” mentality that many buyers and sellers had. In the past month or so I have seen a swift uptick in both homes being listed and homes being purchased in the Boston suburbs.

So what do you need to know about the current real estate market in Massachusetts?

Well, if you’re looking to sell your home, I have good news.

Demand for housing has far outweighed the actual housing supply for a number of years, but recently we have seen record low inventory in Weston and surrounding suburbs. I have seen first-hand that if you are motivated to sell, you will find yourself in the middle of a bidding war with multiple buyers presenting offers for your home. The low inventory in the MetroWest area means that your home will be visible to more buyers and today’s buyers are very motivated by the low mortgage rates. In fact, I have also seen a number of recent off market transactions in the high value home market.

Some other good news for sellers in the MetroWest area is the large number of Millennial homebuyers as well as a large population of people looking to exit the city for a more suburban lifestyle. If ‘shelter in place’ has made one thing clear, it is that the home is now more important than ever and people are finding that having their own space with a yard, pool, garage, driveway, and many other standard ‘features’ of suburban housing is more valuable than ever. I have seen more and more first-time homebuyers looking to leave behind the city life and buy a large home to build a family in.

All the good news isn’t reserved only for those looking to sell their home, there is plenty of good news for buyers as well if you know where to look. With record low mortgage rates we have seen buyers coming to the table with more buying power than they would have previously had. For seriously motivated buyers, the purchasing process can be seamless. While many buyers are still deciding if now is the right time to buy, you can position yourself ahead of other buyers by showing the seller you are serious, making your offer more appealing.

An often-overlooked advantage to today’s market is the accessibility buyers have to homes on the market, I’m not talking about going to open houses either. Now more than ever sellers are investing in marketing and emerging real estate technologies to provide insight into their home. Virtual open houses, video walkthroughs, and 3D floorplans provide a unique perspective to buyers during their research phase.

While much of our day to day lives have changed due to Covid-19, the real estate industry appears to be moving in the right direction for both buyers and sellers. Due to social distancing guidelines, the way people are buying and selling their homes has changed. Now more than ever it is important to work with local realtors who are experts in their market.

Whether you’re new to the MetroWest area or thinking about selling your home, I’d be happy to share more of what I am seeing in the marketplace and provide the expertise and knowledge I have gained working in Weston for over 20 years.



Positioning your home in the best ‘light’ possible with designer light fixtures

Looking for an enlightened way to add character to your new home or an outdated room? In recent years, many homeowners have turned to designer light fixtures to rejuvenate their home.

Light fixtures go far beyond function, they serve as a form of artwork and design that helps reinvigorate a living area and bring warmth to the home.

Lighting design is a secret weapon of interior designers. There are many types of light fixtures, including ceiling dome fixtures, recess lighting, and surface-mounted light. If you’ve recently moved into a new home and are looking to elevate and update your living space, adding a sculptural, surface-mounted light is perfect for you!

Surface-mounted lighting exposes the artistic elements of the fixture itself as well as the home’s interior architecture. This style of lighting includes chandeliers, pendant lights, and sconces. With multiple styles, designs and arrangements, the options for adding light fixtures to your home are just about endless.

When my team and I tour a new listing, our focus is always to make the home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This is, of course, achieved through minor cosmetic updates such as fresh paint, newly stained floors, and more. Recently, however, we have been working with clients to identify additional design details, like the addition of a statement-making new light fixture, which can create that extra spotlight for the home.

Working with local interior designers and showrooms, we have helped many clients update their homes prior to listing.

Below, we have compiled some of our favorite uses of surface-mounted light fixtures from local architects, designers, and showrooms.

These interiors have inspired my team and many others to add light fixtures that accomplish both form and function.

If you’re looking for a partner that can position your home in its best possible ‘light’ please reach out to me directly.